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B.C. Building Science Education




  • Building Envelope Performance - BLDC3050
  • Building Envelope Laboratory - BLDC3060

  • ABET program with Building Science specialization


  • Sustainable Building Science Program
  • Undergraduate engineering programs

    Douglas College

  • Building Energy and Resource Management

    University of Waterloo

  • System Design Engineering

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Ryerson University

  • Architectural Science

    University of Toronto

  • Building Engineering

    Algonquin College

  • Bachelor of Building Science

    University of Washington





  • Understand Seismic Requirements; Understanding Windows and Doors; Understanding New Energy Requirements


  • Moisture Control Technician Certificate

    Red River Community College

  • Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (CARSI)


  • New Enhanced Training For Builders

    Canadian Home Builders Association





  • Master in Building Science program (M.Eng. and M.A.Sc.)
  • Graduate Certificate in Building Energy Modelling:
  • BCIT is offering a new Graduate Certificate in Building Energy Modelling starting September 1, 2015.

    Energy Modelling is an important area of specialization of Building Science; as such, the Graduate Certificate in Building Energy Modelling builds on the strengths and success of the Building Science Graduate Program at BCIT. The Certificate offers a unique physics-based interdisciplinary curriculum that develops a good understanding of the fundamental physical principles underlying building energy performance, and their application to the optimization systems, subsystems, and whole-building performance. Emphasis is placed on mechanical systems design, operation, and control; and their integration with the building envelope.

    Energy modelling is often mistakenly perceived as simply using sophisticated software tools to simulate building energy performance; but little is known about the underlying modelling principles and limitations of these tools, which often leads to highly inaccurate simulation results. A program for training competent building energy modellers was long overdue.

    For More Information: Email buildingscience@bcit.ca or check www.bcit.ca/buildingscience



  • Master of Building Science

    University of Toronto

  • Master of Engineering in Building Science


    Professional Development for Consultants/Engineers:

    BCBEC Luncheons, AGM, ½ Day seminars

    Buildings XIII Conference December 2016

    CCBST NBEC conference 2017

    BEST-5 Conference 2018

    APEGBC Events

    ASHRAE Events

    Manufacturer training courses

    RCI Seminars and designations

    LEED Credentials

    Building Science Specialist of Ontario designation

    CRP Certified Reserve Planner designation


    Professional Development for Trades:

    RCABC Training

    HPO Seminars, events, training programs, advanced licensing

    Manufacturer training courses

    RCI Seminars and designations


    Additional Resources:

    APEGBC Professional Practice Guide for Building Enclosure Consulting

    APEGBC Technical Practice Bulletin for 5 and 6 storey wood frame buildings

    HPO Design guides




    Disclaimer: The policy of BCBEC is to discourage the use of its name in any activity where product
    endorsement or certification of competence is implied or expressly stated.

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